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About Us

AGH Design, an Award-Winning Design Consultancy firm practicing Sustainable Landscapes, Horticulture & Environment solutions is founded by Dr. Aseem Gokarn Harwansh, a Doctorate in Urban Landscaping & Sustainable Environments, a Nature based Solutions (NbS) expert practicing in the field of sustainable landscape solutions since last 28 years. Our designs aim to enhance the quality of Urban Living through culturally sensitive and environmentally accountable landscapes.


AGH Design has completed numerous projects Pan India and are renowned for delivering world-class, unique and practical design solutions, underpinned by a company ethos that is focused on quality, project delivery and commitment to our clients.

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Our Vision: Everything you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso

Our efforts in the development and preservation of any landscape are to revive its character within the city or outside, through an apt landscape design to mitigate negative changes and deterioration.

We believe in landscape rejuvenation that would inherently be treated as a recycling process that would capture and reuse the embedded energies of the place. Our designs revolve around creativity, innovation, adaptation and address sustainability.

The vision for the future of our landscapes is to create an ecologically designed retreat for learning by preserving, rehabilitating, and adaptively reusing its existing features and carefully adding structures and landscape features to support new uses and engaging programs addressing sustainability, and environmental education.

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Identifying & creating distinctive, responsive, and sustainable design solutions mitigating negative changes & deterioration are at the core of their professional projects.Their efforts in decoding the carbon paradox and aligning their clients progress with Carbon Neutrality has led to create Biophilic and Biodiverse Environments.

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